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Never Have I Ever - Transforming a game into a best seller

Never have I ever, the risque drinking game, was the inspiration for a physical board game to be sold on Amazon. Since its inception, other games such as Cards Against Humanity have come onto the scene and have dominated the Amazon marketplace, taking away sales and the spotlight from Never Have I Ever. With low sales, Never Have I Ever needed a revamping

Our Solution

Starting with a strategic design and a brand refresh, Wehelped position and formulate a new design and messaging that would help the game stand out in the Amazon marketplace.

In the project’s second stage, we tested and reengineered how the game would be played. The game was reintroduced to the Amazon marketplace, along with SEO and a new web presence, with staggering results. The game outsold all the other games under the client name put together in the first three months and is now in the top 5 selling games on Amazon.

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